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Mark and Elizabeth Prophet

Who Are Mark and Elizabeth Prophet?
Mark and Elizabeth Prophet dedicated their lives to their calling as Messengers of the Great White Brotherhood (a spiritual order of Ascended Masters from all races and religions) bringing forth the true teachings of Jesus Christ and other spiritual adepts of East and West. Through many decades of service, they carved out stepping stones on the Path to Higher Truths and ultimately to the knowledge of the I AM Presence and the power of the Spoken Word.

This website and the books (see About the Books) created by Alex and Margaret Reichardt are intended as tools to lead seekers on a road off the beaten path that will bring them to the awareness of the Indwelling Presence of God through the lives and example of the Messengers.

A Welcome Message from Alex and Margaret Reichardt
We were privileged to serve the Messengers Mark and Elizabeth Prophet for thirty years. We are grateful to know many fellow students of the teachings of the Ascended Masters, a number of whom have contributed their own stories to our books. We welcome all spiritual seeker — those who know that there is a higher path, those who are searching for their mission and those who recognize their kinship with all life. Please share your story and response to our books and this website. Send to: info@ExcelsiorPublications.com

About Excelsior Publications and Our Logo
Excelsior Publications was formed for the purpose of publishing stories of the lives and teachings of Mark and Elizabeth Prophet. Our logo is inspired by a poem written by the notable American poet and Harvard professor Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, an earlier incarnation of Mark Prophet. This poem describes a young man passing through a town bearing a banner with the word “Excelsior,” translated from the Latin as "ever higher” or "onward and upward." The young man ignores all warnings and distractions in his quest to climb to the summit. We see this poem and image as a metaphor for the striving of the seeker on the spiritual path.

About the Books
We are so excited to share our recently published books On Fire for God: Adventures on the Mystical Path with Elizabeth Clare Prophet and All for the Love of God: Life with Mark Prophet, A Modern-Day Mystic. We know you will find these works both inspiring and entertaining. They both contain true accounts by those who worked and lived with the Messengers, Mark and Elizabeth Prophet.

For more information, please see About the Books.

To order, please go to Ordering Info.

Hear Alex Reichardt discuss the lives of Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet in this radio talk show entitled: Adepts in Our Midst.


"I finished the stupendous book last night. It is a very easy and pleasant read. Great writing style!""  Vict                                                    SC, Montana   

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